Low Slope


Steed Sloped



Low Slope roofing

Low slope roofing consists of a roof with a pitch of 3/12 or less. This means it has a very small slope and it is much easier to have water & ice buck up and get into your attic or home. There are quite a few material options to insure this doesn’t happen. We recommend using a roll roofing application. These can be installed a number of ways. They can self-adhere, glue down and heat weld.


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Asphalt / Fiberglass Shingles

Asphalt & Fiberglass shingles are our go to for most roofing projects. With many colour and style options available it is guaranteed to fit the colour, style and budget of any project. Because we are Manufacturer certified we can offer extended warranty of up to 50 years on most roofs.

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Rubber roofing is an excellent way to never have to re-roof your house again. Rubber roofs have a 50-100 year life expectancy. They are very appealing to the eye and will add to the value of your home.


We use a Canadian manufacturer called Euroshield for our rubber roof needs. These roofs use 95% recycled materials (250-1000 tires per roof) and offer a lifetime warranty.

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Wether we are replacing the old roof or installing on your new build, a steel roof is an excellent way to add value, curb appeal and a peace of mind knowing you just installed your last roof. The colour and profiles are endless!

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